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Protecting Your Rivian R1T or R1S: 5 Essential DIY PPF Kits to Safeguard Your Investment

Your Rivian deserves some love. Now you can protect it easily and affordably with do-it-yourself PPF kits. These are beginner friendly and come with everything you need to install right from your garage. Plus, we only use high quality Avery Dennison and STEK PPF that's rated to last for up to 10 years. 

Instead of heading to a shop, spending lots of money, and being EV-less for days, you can do a weekend project with friends or family to get your Rivian in tip-top shape. We included in-depth video guides to walk you through it all. 

What is PPF?

Paint Protection Film is a durable, polyurethane film that stretches around the curves of your car for a seamless, protective barrier. It's usually clear and its main purpose is to protect from rock chips and scratches. Once of the really cool things about PPF is that it's self healing. With heat from the sun, surface scratches will disappear, making your paint stay shiny and flawless. 

It also has a hydrophobic layer to make it easier to clean and keep stains from bird poop, tree sap, bugs, etc. from etching. It protects from UV rays too. Check out this video where we put PPF to the test to give you a better idea of the material.

Let's talk about the top 5 DIY PPF kits we recommend. 

1. Door Handles 

You touch your door handles probably more than any other part of your car. With PPF on top and/or around the handle, you'll avoid the inevitable nail, ring, and key scratches. These are easy kits to get accustomed to the material and installation process if you're nervous about jumping into it. 


2. Headlights 

Your headlightstake a lot of the road debris, dirt, and rocks head on. Keep them in their best, brightest shape with PPF. You can choose from clear and tint. We use the lightest shade STEK offers, so it simply adds a unique aesthetic appeal and doesn't hinder your brightness.

3.Door Entry 

Keep shoes, dogs, and whatever you're hauling from scratching your door entries. Covering all 4 doors, it's the protection you didn't know you needed.


4. Rockers 

Your tires kick up dirt, tar, and rocks on your daily commute and on the trails. With PPF covering your rockers, you keep your paint from being chipped and make it easier to clean. 

5. Front Bumper 

Your front bumper gets the brunt of the road when driving. Protect your paint with this kit that includes everything you need to install like a pro at a fraction of the cost. 

Shop all protection and customization kits at Reach out to us on social @rivianbros to give us any feedback or product recommendations. We'd love to hear from you and see your finished installs. Happy wrapping!